Val's Guide to DW 38 Para/22 Champ/6 RB (Max Follow Up DPS/Harder Rotation)

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    I used this spec before I got a 2 hander and it works great until you get a good 2 hander

    Val's Guide to DW (38 Para/22 Champ/6 Riftblade)
    By Valthirus - Warrior of Seastone

    Most Recent Update: November 1st, 2011

    Table of Contents:

    First Words:
    1.1 - Introduction

    Preparation (things you need to know):
    2.1 - Spec
    2.2 - Macros
    2.3 - Skill Explanation
    2.4 - Toggle Buffs

    Rotations Cycles/Explanations:
    3.1 - Single Target Rotation Cycle
    3.2 - Rotation Explanation (Single Target)
    3.3 - Warrior Rotation Video Guides

    4.0 - Most Recent Update
    4.1 - Update History

    1.1 - Introduction:

    This is 100-200 DPS increase over 2 button spam on the dummy (much more in raid). It's a tougher rotation than spamming 1 button till you have 3 AP, but in order to maximize DW DPS you should be using this rotation. Make sure to ignore WM procs and hit finishers with 2 AP if you have to. I don't ever advise using this for AOE. I believe 2 RB will give more DPS on a standstill fight so switch to that if you'd like max DW standstill DPS. Just make sure to take out bash/flinching out of your macros and do it manually when you are above 60 power.

    2.1 - Specs:

    ZAM Soulbuilder Spec for 6 Riftblade:

    ZAM Soulbuilder Spec for 2 Riftblade:

    2.2 - Macros:

    AP Builder:

    #show dual strike
    cast dual strike
    cast frenzied strike
    cast path of the wind
    cast flamespear (6 RB only)

    Follow Up:

    #show Path of the raptor
    cast path of the raptor
    cast path of the hurricane


    #show strike like iron
    cast strike like iron
    cast fiery burst
    cast frenzied strike


    #show mighty blow
    cast mighty blow
    cast frenzied strike (6 RB only)

    AOE Follow Up:

    Path of the Hurricane as a skill (not a macro)

    AOE Finisher (2 RB only):

    #show Bladefury
    cast Proper Timing
    cast Bladefury

    2.3 - Skill Explanations:

    Dual Strike (DS) - Your Attack Point builder. No Cooldown.
    Path of the Raptor (POTR) - Your hardest hitting follow up. 4 Second Cooldown.
    Path of the Hurricane (POTH) - Your second follow up. 6 Second Cooldown.
    Fiery Burst (FB) - A fire damage tick. Does the most DPS out of all the Finishers. No Cooldown.
    Mighty Blow (MB) - Your AOE Attack Point builder. No Cooldown.

    2.4 - Toggle Buffs:

    Way of the Wind (WOTW) - Equal or Lower to WOTM at lower gear levels
    Way of the Mountain (WOTM) - Same DPS on dummy as WoTW with high gear level and scales better.
    Slayer's Bearing (SB) - A 25% damage bonus to critical attacks.
    Storm Blade (SB) - A ticking damage bleed.

    3.1 - Full Rotation Cycle (Single Target):

    (You've just hit SLI with 2 or 3 AP - it doesn't matter)

    AP Builder (DS) -> Follow Up (POTR) -> Finisher (Fiery - doesn't matter if 2 AP)
    AP Builder (DS) -> Follow Up (POTH) -> AP Builder (DS) -> Follow Up (POTR) -> Finisher (Fiery - doesn't matter if 2 AP)
    AP Builder (DS) -> Follow Up (POTH) -> Finisher (SLI - doesn't matter if 2 AP)

    3.2 - Rotation Explanation (Single Target):

    Ignore all WM procs. It's okay if you do 2 point FBs or 2 point SLIs. This rotation maximizes your follow up damage. Make sure to hit SLI right as DS is about to come off cooldown so you have as much time as possible.

    3.3 - Videos/Links:

    Spec Links:

    RW 38 Paragon/26 Champion/2 Riftblade ZAM Soulbuilder Spec

    BM 34 Champion/26 Beastmaster/6 Riftblade ZAM Soulbuilder Spec

    DW 38 Paragon/22 Champion/6 Riftblade ZAM Soulbuilder Spec


    Valthirus' Youtube Channel for Warrior Rotation Guides

    RW Rotation Guide Thread

    RW Rotation Guide Video

    BM Rotation Guide Thread

    BM Rotation Guide Video

    DW Rotation Guide Thread

    4.0 Most Recent Update: November 1st, 2011

    4.1 Update History:

    Thread Started - 9/24/11

    9/24/11 Updates:
    Added 2 RB - 9/24/11

    9/25/11 Updates:
    Added WOTM - 9/25/11

    11/1/11 Updates:
    Removed Bash/Flinching Strike - 11/1/11

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