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  1. Teekah Guest

    I would be interested in some opinions regarding tank and raid healing. I'm working on a build and am not sure which would benefit the best. However, with 3 souls, i could create one of each and a dps spec. LOL

  2. Ravenrose Guest


    This is the Healiing build I am using up through T1's and Expert Raids. I will more than likely go to 51 point Warden for T2 and Greenscale stuffs once we get there.

    I've tried several healing builds and this is the one that works the best for me on Tank spike damage, healing output, group healing and those *oh poo* moments. The only thing to be careful of while dungeon running, is that your tank doesnt plow into a next bunch of mobs before your hots stop ticking down.. Insta-cleric aggro nearly every time. Hope this helps!
  3. Teekah Guest

    This is awesome, I can't wait to try it out. =) Thanks a bunch.
  4. Ravenrose Guest

    Servers were down so thought I would do a write up of the rotation I use- know it can be overwhelming trying a brand new build while healing :eek:

    Before tank engages each fight:
    I will cast on tank: Orbs of the Stream or Orbs of the Tide - both have a cooldown of 45 secs so I alternate to try and have one or the other up for backup, they do overwrite each other. For AE heavy fights such as Calyx the Ancient in AP, I can usually get the whole group covered with one or the other of these two abilities- as long as they give you at least 45 seconds before engage.

    This gives me about 1k damage per person before needing to worry about health dropping. This also gives me time to get my hots rolling on the tank - generally I start once sure they have control of all adds. For a typical rotation where I know damage to tank will be heavy I use: Healing Spray, Soothing Stream X'2, Healing Current, Deluge, Soothing Stream X's 2, Healing Spray, Healing Innvocation. In the event tank takes heavy spike damage I will make sure they are cured first with Cleansing Waters or Curative Waters (group cure) - Some poisons reduce heal effectiveness then, Touch of the Light (insta- cast spell) + Healing Innvocation or Orbs of the Stream.

    For moments when additional group healing or "ack" moments occur by other players: Healing Flood, Healing Showers, Touch of the Light + Healing Communion or Healing Cataract. If even more is needed: Ripple + Healing Spray, Soothing Stream, Healing Current.

    Oh.. and if you need more mana, slip Cascade into your rotation every 2 min.

    I read on the forums recently that there are a couple macros you can make to assist you: a mouse over healing macro , and a focus casting macro (where it will always cast on a set target even when targeting another in group) - I haven't tried out any macros yet personally, so not sure how they jive..
  5. Jebasiz Guest

    I've been looking for a stat breakdown(like 1 wis = .5 mana regen per given unit of time), and can't find anything. I did find a loose prioritization, and was wondering if it's valid. Could you validate or invalidate the following information for me please.

    That and perhaps highlight what factions are most beneficial to work on for healers and range dps/hybrid healers for raids.

  6. Ravenrose Guest

    This resource here is good http://telarapedia.com/wiki/Stats for stat breakdowns. The post you referenced is correct - from what I have tested and learned anyways. The one thing I am uncertain of still though is what the caps are for each of these stats.
    I stack Wis for the mana regen, spell power next and then spell crit.

    Factions I am gunning for are Order of Mathos and Dragonslayer .. for the belt and leg enhancements that add Wis and a secondary stat. It's a long way to Glorified though... Rift runs between Shimmer/Stillmoor and crafting dailies are going to keep me busy awhile.
  7. Ravenrose Guest

    I steered away from the intial build I posted to this on http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10ejG.xE0dsu0qz.E0E00spco

    Battleress, additional AE healing, Healers Haste and faster cast times via Serendipity made 33/33/0 Ward/Sent much more enjoyable to play when dealing with frequent ae damage and spike damage during raids and/or dungeon runs.

    The only thing I will be changing or adding as an alt build is to swap out the Purifier with Templar for Infiltrator.
  8. Ravenrose Guest

    Something I would like to add that has been pretty useful in this healing build for me. Focus and Mouseover macros.

    With Focus macros its possible to have your hots rolling on two different tanks at once.. without having to change targets to do so.

    Mouseover macros - The ones I use most are for Instant Heals (ie: when a squishy in raid gets too low) and more recently... Cures. With 5+ raid members needing cures and our AE cure not always hitting the players we need them to .. it makes it so much easier to mouseover their name in raid and just hit a key to cure... then move on to the next. Definate time saver for me as it takes the /target player /retarget tank/mob steps out of the equation.
  9. Ravenrose I heal for cookies.

    Couple tricks I have found within my 34 Ward/ 32 Sent build.

    Orb of the Streams can be cast on your target when they are within range but not in line of sight. ( this is equivelant to 1k-1500 heal x's 3) I am finding it pretty useful with HK trash when wanting to avoid being in los of dogs.

    For times when even greater burst AE healing is needed... Healer's Haste + Healing Communion = Healing Communion instant cast five times over 30 seconds. This can be pretty powerful AE healing, especially if in addition to our other mobile AE heals... healing flood, healing showers, Divine Call and Ripple + SS x's 4. This has been extremely helpful for Soulrender Zilas during laser phase where raid members are getting hit by adds, skele's or dark volley..

    Soothing Stream - When soothing stream is stacked (4) on a tank.. you can provide them with an instant 800-1100 heal just by refresh your stack. This is in addition to its regular (3 sec) tick.

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