Archon Build and Rotation Suggestions

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  1. Brombus Guest

    Build I use

    It is basically 51 archon and 15 Warlock, in warlock take opportunity, Affinity, and Vitality.

    The rotation is very straightforward, start with debuffs, then start spamming the macro listed below.

    Auras to have up always are Vitality of Stone, Tempered Armor, Arcane Aegis, Shared Vigor, and Burning Purpose.

    Initiate with the debuff rotation of Ashen Defense, Crumbling Resistance, and Lingering Dust. You can also pop Waning power immediately and keep rotating that spell in as it is off CD. Next cast Searing Vitality unless you are at max stacks already, the DPS from this spell is negligible.

    I normally tab through on trash and get things Armor and MR debuffed to assist in AE killing.

    At this point spam the macro
    #show Surging Flare
    cast Surging Flare
    cast Earthen Barrage
    cast Volcanic Bomb
    cast leeching flames
    cast pillaging stone

    Once you have full Charge you can allow a full channel of Rock Slide to get another Int boost from these stacks.

    I also work in dark touch frequently as it is a nice boost and reasonably long durration.

    For charge dumps use Power Drain.

    I also have built a regen macro if someone in particular is having mana concerns.
    target <target name>
    cast Mental Flare

    pop that early on the fight and hit it every time it comes off CD
  2. Brombus Guest

    I have made an adjustment that I plan to try, I swapped to 10 Dominator/5warlock with my remaining points, the first 5 are a wash in dominator, while I am able to pick up 10% Intelligence to help improve damage output of the support role, and have picked up reflect and charged shield to add more support to the raid, while keeping improved charge buildup from the warlock tree. The primary compromise is survivability by losing 10% endurance.
  3. Ashevir Guest

    Thanks gnome!

    Just want to add a very important aspect of Archon play with regards to Power Drain, this is a toggle ability Archons should use on every "Big Hitter" abilities to reduce incoming damage by 10% which could potentially prevent a fatal spike on either the MT or raid. Thing is the ability scales the more damage the boss does, so it's a powerful defensive cooldown especially for raid AEs, you want to use it smartly.

    Below is a list of boss encounters and abilities you'd want to watch for and use Power Drain:
    Prince Hylas: Soul Fracture (Usually cast immediately after Contagious Cottontail. Deals 4k damage to the raid, then leaves a DoT that ticks for 1.5k damage)
    Lord Greenscale: Noxious Fumes (Used every 20-30 seconds. Cast time is 2 seconds and it is channeled for 3 seconds and does 3-6k damage a tick.) --> Rending Cleave: Hits for 4.5-6k damage. Always used immediately after Noxious Fumes

    Plutonus: Void Overload (Used every ~60 seconds. Puts a purple shield on Plutonus and channels 3-4k damage per tick on the tank.)
    Herald Gaurath: Breath of the Void (Frontal cone. Deals ~3.5k Death damage per second for 4 seconds. Used every ~30 seconds) Miasma of Suffering: Breath attack used at the start of every air phase. Deals ~1.3k Death damage per second for 5 seconds. Deals damage beneath and in front of Gaurath.
    Alsbeth the Discordant: [To be added]

    Gilded Prophecy
    Anrak the Foul: Eye Beam (Focuses one member in the raid and deals 1700 damage per second to them and anyone nearby them)
    Thalguur: Touch of the Core (Focuses one member in the raid and deals X damage per second to them)
    Uruluuk: Crashing Boulders (~4k raidwide AE dmg), *Fist of Laethys (30k single target, meant to be reflected with Reflective Command, refer to Uruluuk thread in Raid forums).
  4. Brombus Guest

    That is a very good point, thanks for listing those !

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